Friday, April 30, 2010

Some more funnies!

Mr Crawford got attacked by a snake and someone stole my hat!

Leap of faith - courage and determination!

In true Roydon style, our children have shown courage and determination this morning.

Joseph caught the trapeze!!!

Just to remind you how high the pole is ... More flying photos coming soon!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


The children have just had an ICT session all about their rock pooling excursion earlier on today. They are now relaxing with a film for the evening in the Kingswood Cinema.
Here are a few extra pictures of our adventures over the past two days.

Watch out! Toad crossing.

A big thumbs up to the quad-biking!

Down on the beach

There have been some funny creatures down on the beach in West Runton today!

Yummy lunches!

We have had another yummy meal, which the children gave the thumbs up to! This afternoon we are going quad biking, then down to the beach!

Look out for more photos later. I will put on a 'random' page of photos from activities this morning. We have done so much and there are loads of lovely photos to add.

Fun fun fun!

Our very own F1 team - even better than McClaren !

The Legolas Robin Hood Crew!